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Design Ideas for the Modern Kitchen

When creating or renovating your kitchen, don’t go blindly by what’s in vogue. Be practical and create a kitchen space where you will be able to work easily and where you have everything you need at hand. Remember that the right synergy is the most important aspect in the kitchen.

Also, design your kitchen based on your personality. There are countless designs out there, which you can use. We present here just a few that you can incorporate into your kitchen and make it look cheerful and a great place to be in.


1. Colour Schemes

Choose from any of the eternal combinations with which you can never go wrong. How about a Polar White and Silk Grey Oak combination which is soothing to the eyes? Alternatively, you can go with Atlantic Blue High Gloss or a Nobel Beech combination to give your kitchen a touch of elegance. Or, if you want your kitchen to be the bright part of your entire home, give it a Golden Yellow look.


2. Flooring

The market for kitchen flooring options is so large and varied that you could easily get confused and be unable to choose. However, you can narrow down your options by considering two factors—durability and function.

Your kitchen floor should not only look good but also be easy to maintain and durable. After all, there may be many spills of food and liquid, so you don’t want your floor to stain because of this. Consider the following flooring options:

The top durable flooring options include:

  • Concrete
  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Stone
  • Wood laminate

Since there’re always long periods of walking and standing in the kitchen, you need to choose the flooring with sufficient cushioning. This will help you if you have recurring back problems.

Perhaps, you want to go in for ergonomic flooring. This is a great idea and in this category too you have several good options. These are:

  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood laminate


3. Cabinetry

Any house-proud person will tell you that it’s important to have striking cabinets in the kitchen, not just for their appearance but also for their functionality. Not surprisingly, there are more than a handful of good choices in cabinetry designs. For instance, you could go with veneer wood that not only adds a touch of warmth to the environment but also depth.

Other good choices are sleek stainless steel that is considered chic these days. However, the downsides to these cabinets are that your fingerprints remain on the surface and they are prone to scratches. But they are also easy to maintain, environmentally-friendly, durable and sanitary.

How about going in for lacquered finish cabinets? They give a completely modern and lavish look to a kitchen, no matter its size. They are scratch-resistant and durable and could well be your choice of cabinets.


4. Minimalistic Design

It’s a great idea to go minimalistic in your kitchen, whether it’s large or small. If small, you can give it an illusion of space by painting it pure white. If you have a lot of stuff to be stowed away, do so by investing in a hutch. For the rest of the things that you need, display them artistically as if your kitchen has been specially curated.

For lighting, have bright white lights. If there are a number of colours in your kitchen vying for your attention, choose the dominant one and paint the walls with the same colour. So, white marble countertops match with white walls.


5. Eco-friendly Designs

There are several eco-friendly measures you can take to make your kitchen so. For instance, you can begin by having energy-efficient windows.


6. Energy-Efficient Windows

Such windows bring in more sunlight so that your dependence on electricity goes down. These windows are larger than usual, so you can imagine the benefits of having a warm and sunny kitchen.

Your windows also lower the quantum of heat lost through your windows.

This helps to normalize the temperature and you save on heating costs. These windows are also good insulators, so they keep the noise out of your home. Lower energy bills also mean that you pay less and you contribute to have a smaller carbon footprint.


7. Environmentally-Friendly Countertops

Opt for eco-friendly countertops such as recycled glass slabs, marble, paper or aluminium as they are affordable. If you go in for recycled glass countertops, you’ll find that they look distinctive with their multi-coloured environmentally-friendly glass pieces mixed into the cement and resin.

Some other great options for kitchen countertops are Marble, Granite and Quartz. In addition to being available in numerous colors and shades, they are also durable, heat resistant, stain proof and easy to clean.

Another great option in this segment is recycled bamboo because it’s a renewable product and it grows very rapidly.



While it’s a great idea to have a modern kitchen that everyone you know will envy, it’s equally important to ensure that it’s functional and easy to maintain. So, while wanting to have a chic kitchen, the maintenance aspect should be borne in mind. Team HubSpace can give you great advice on how you can revamp your kitchen in a contemporary manner. Call us on +971 58 282 6475 for more details!


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