Hubspace Kitchen Interior Design services Dubai | Kitchen Renovation
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Welcome to Hub’s exclusive kitchen partner, Delta. Delta’s most recent collection has incorporated a variety of fresh new furnishings. The quest to turn spaces into warm and functional homes is what keeps us motivated. Innovative ideas in surfaces, materials, textures and finishes serve as inspiration to turn your place and in particular your kitchen into an oasis of well being and comfort. Our utmost priority is to provide the very best value for money to our customers.


We work with the Delta design team to combine art with innovation without losing sight of functionality, thus creating beautiful models that allow full customization.


Alongside Delta, the Hub team seeks out the latest trends and technologies to provide greater durability to all its furniture. On assembly, we treat all surfaces with a nano-technological product thereby increasing the resistance to high temperatures and steam by 40 %, which in turn increases the lifespan of your kitchen furniture, especially so in the hot and humid Middle Eastern climate.

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